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learn what it takes to become a highly paid writer!

You can go the traditional route and pray someone finds you 
 you can learn the Godfather of Ghostwriting's path to success!

Get Certified by the International Ghostwriter’s Association and GET PAID GREAT MONEY to write as you perfect your craft and learn to master the 
publishing industry!

Start your own, lucrative writing career in LESS THAN 60-DAYS!

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" Let's face it, being a starving artist is poetic, but it sucks! 
Hoping gets you nowhere. 
Action takers make their own rules and live the lives they desire! "

Have you ever wanted to make a living as a writer?

  Have you ever wanted to start your own business?

  Have you ever wanted to live life on your terms?

  Have you ever wanted to be able to travel and work from anywhere?

  Has anyone ever told you, you are a great writer?

  If a professional writer was willing to teach you the nuances of making six figures a year as a writer, would you take the advice?

If you’re nodding “YES” then I want to empower you to take charge and join me for the most powerful 1-Day writing event in 2023.


In the last 10 years, I have personally ghostwritten more than 90 books – many of which have made every Best Seller list as well as two that are being converted into major motion pictures. That’s right – movies!

I’ve developed a unique, easy to use system that can transform a decent writer into a one of the highest paid writers in the world! If you learn my system, you’ll become the “go-to” ghostwriter in your area and beyond.

I’ve condensed my many years of experience that’s generated me consistent six figures into a precise and easy to follow, step-by-step framework that can get you your dream career doing what love!

Or, you can keep hoping, wishing, praying, and dreaming of one day becoming a highly-paid, highly respected, successful writer.

Action Takers make their own rules.

The Event Starts in…


In this LIVE 1-Day Deep-Dive

 I'll show you…

How to create a Six-Figure writing business working less than 40 hours a week.

How to live the life you desire and get the respect you deserve as you scale your lucrative business.

How to impact millions of lives and  dominate in this NEW Economy.

How to have the Freedom to work form anywhere, Time to do things you love, and the money to do it.

 The life you want, the Freedom you want, The Family you want, is fueled by the Business you build!

 This is a One time, LIVE Interactive 1-Day Online event - there are NO Replays.

It’s not easy to make money as a writer, millions have tried and millions have failed. Learn what it really takes to have a lucrative, enjoyable writing career.

  • 87% of American adults at one time think they should write a book. They can’t. They won’t. They don’t. GHOSTWRITERS ARE IN HIGH DEMAND! 
  • People who hire talented ghostwriters are high-level, influential, on-demand professionals. How good do you think it would for them to know you!
  • ​Find high-paying clients. Millions of successful people want to, and should, publish a book. I’ll help you find them!
  • ​I’ve created a 7-Step Story Arc process that can guide you into publishing Best Sellers!

 According to Forbes Magazine, we’re living in “The greatest wealth transfer in history!” How do you plan on getting your share?

From the desk of Eli Gonzalez, the Godfather of Ghostwriting 

I know what it’s like to yearn to make a living as a writer but not knowing how.

Through hard work, study, and trial and error, I cracked the code! To date, I’ve gladly paid more than 50 writers and editors because I can’t keep up with the demand. 

I’m directly responsible of creating more than 1,000 authors in the last 10 years. In order to do what I do, you need to first learn what I do and how I do it.

You may already be a much better writer than me, but I’m the one people are paying tens of thousands of dollars to write books that take me 25-40 hours to write!

Time is of the essence. Since the pandemic, book sales have increased by more than 700%!

After surviving Stage 3 Cancer, I’ve made it my mission to have maximum impact on this world. The best way to do that is to teach you to do what I do so that you may be of service to others.

You CAN have the life you design for yourself. You CAN make a great living as a writer. You ARE capable of doing more with your life, it is, after all, YOURS.

Help our more people than you ever thought possible. Leave legacies while creating your own.

I am committed to showing good writers how to serve humanity, make a ton of money while not being chained to a certain location, and ensuring people’s stories, methodologies or beliefs aren’t taken to the grave.

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Ghostwriting Seminar –  October 21, 11 AM - 3 PM EST


 If not now, when?

If you’ve been paying attention to the literary world…

One thing has become increasingly clear:

You don’t need a college degree to become a professional writer

On the average, Ghostwriters make more money than Novelists, English Teachers and Journalists
Studies show that at one point in their lifetime, 87% of American adults want to write a book. 

Only 1% of people that try to write a book actually publish it.

That leaves tens of millions of people, many that live in your same zip code, who have the content for a book but not the skill to write and publish it.

The good news is…

YOU can be the ONLY CERTIFIED Ghostwriter in your city! Cha-Ching!

Stop working at a job fulfilling someone else’s dreams. Create your own!

Work when you want, from where you want, and for who you want and make GREAT MONEY HELPING PEOPLE!

Millions of people will pay someone to write their book!

  • Every want-to-be-speaker needs a book
  • Every savvy business owners understands a book will give them unparalleled credibility, which results in more and better paying clients.
  • The best way to get outside of the church walls and start a ministry is to write a book.
  • ​The best chance at getting a life story made into a movie is by writing a book about it.
  • ​The best way to get more coaching clients is by writing a book about your philosophies and wins.
  • ​The best way to be a guest on television, podcast, and radio shows is to become an author.

 Go for the ultimate trifecta!
1. The client PAYS YOU to write it.
2. The client enjoys the back end benefits (royalties and fame). 
3. Readers learn from their knowledge and experiences.


REGISTER for Six-Figure Ghostwriting Seminar – October 21, 11 AM - 3 PM EST


The tendencies of readers have changed dramatically in the last ten years. Writing styles that used to work back then aren’t nearly as effective today.

It’s as if everyone, including our grandmother’s, suffer from ADHD. In order to become an effective writer today, you need to learn how to write to today’s generation.

This is not your Grandparent’s World

This is why we see high-school drop out 17-year-old millionaires as well as broke, college degree 60+ year olds.

It’s not that they’re smarter by any means, it’s that they’ve figured out how to make money in this 

It's time to think about business ownership differently. Learn where and how to allocate your 
focus and energy
and win! 

I'll teach you how and where to meet high-level earners and how to 
provide them your invaluable service.

 Here’s a ‘Taste’ of what you’ll learn

  • How to develop a winning mindset for today’s times
  • How to craft your pitch so that you say the right thing, to every person, every time. 
  • Where to find people who would make appointments with you (It’s not you chasing them, they’ll chase you) in the hopes you will write their book for them
  • ​The art of prospecting and networking
  • How to sell your service – it’s not high-stakes poker, it’s a simple, storytelling conversation!
  • The art of negotiation and closing deals.
  • ​How to get paid what you feel you are worth.
  • ​How to Interview the client so  you get the information you need to write the book and not the fluff your client wants to talk about 
  • ​How to write to elicit emotion
  • ​How to write concisely – and capture today’s readers.
  • ​How to write up to ten books at a time – 30 books a year – make $600,000 a year, and not work more than 40 hours a week!
  • ​How to get your clients to become your sales people
  • ​How to scale your business and make more money
“When I began my ghostwriting career, I never realized how many people I would be able to serve and touch. When I think of all the books I’ve written that have sold, including the many books that have been translated into other languages and that are available all over the world – it warms my heart to know that my life has meaning and that I’ve had a positive effect on humanity. And I’m just getting started!” 
-Eli Gonzalez

REGISTER for the FREE Six-Figure 
Ghostwriting Seminar – 
October 21, 11 AM - 3 PM EST


How can you make a living as a writer or 
become a business owner?

Traditionally, you’d need to graduate from college with an English or Journalism degree - $200,000. Then you would work for someone else, have that person tell you what to write, how to write it, and fire you if they don't like your performance or attitude.


Traditionally, you’d need to graduate from a college with some sort of business degree (entrepreneurial degrees still don’t exist) $200,000. Get a loan, buy materials, etc.

Starving Artist
Get addicted to caffeine and/or cigarettes, live in a shack and live out the “Starving Artist” lifestyle. Only to one day, get close to making it but fail over and over and over again yet never giving up on your dream and live a sad existence.

OR You can attend this 1-Day, Live, Interactive Seminar with the 
Godfather of Ghostwriting. 
He'll teach you what you need to know to become successful. 

OFFER: FREE for 3 hours with the Godfather of Ghostwriting.
If you want to become a well paid writer, 
there's no better way to spend these 3 hours 
that can change your life! 

  • Get ready for Straight Talk with no chaser
  • Get ready to see how easy it is
  • Get ready to change the lives of the people you write books for
  • ​Get ready to change the lives of the people who read the books you write
  • Get ready to change your own life – into one YOU DESIGN!
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